Udaariyaan Promo Update: Tejo reveals the truth

Udaariyaan Promo Update

High Voltage drama is going on in the serial Udaariyaan. Angad enters the house and everyone gets surprised to see him over there.

He asks everyone that our day and then he gives the suitcase to Tejo and he says that it is her belongings. He asks her to reveal the truth to everyone.

Everyone is surprised to hear that something is to be revealed.Tejo reveals to everyone that the half of the house is in the name of Angad.

In the latest episode It is seen that tejo comes and inform Fateh that he has not lost his job and he still has the job in the school.

Fateh tells everyone that he still is the job and he will be going to the job from the next day. Jasmine gets angry on tejo and tells her to leave the house.

Fateh tells her that they will never leave the house and she will come to the house when she wants and one can tell anything to her.

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