Meet 9th February 2022 Big Update: Meet douts Meet Ahlawat is with another girl

Meet and her husband both eats pani puri. Meet asks her husband why did he cancel Kavya from the show.

He gets angry at her and asks whether she does not believe in him. He asks her whether she does not trust him or not.

He gets angry and he lives from there in an auto. On the other hand, Rajvardhan asks Sunaina whether she has sent the notice or not.

She tells that she has sent the notice. Masoom thinks that she has changed the content of the notice. Rajvardhan asks Sunaina what is the need of involving a lawyer in all this.

Sunaina tells that for how many days will he look after her. She tells that she has to fight for her and her husband’s rights.

Masoom comes there and asks her to leave she says that she has important talk with her dad. Meet returns home and Manushi asks her how will she impress meet ahlawat.

Meat makes it clear that he is her husband and she will never let anyone take him from her.Later on Meet ahlawat and Manushi leaves for the party.

Meet ahlawat thinks that he is doing all this to make Manushi overconfident. He thinks that maybe meet is very angry with him for his behavior.

He receives a call from his wife and meet inform him that he has left behind his mobile phone in the room. He decides to go and take the mobile.

Meet ahlawat drops manushi on the way and cause to pick up the mobile phone from the house. Meet finds a lip balm and the smell of a ladies perfume from the car. And she gets to know that some girl was there in the car.

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