Kundali Bhagya: Karan challenges Preeta to look at each other’s eyes

Kundali Bhagya

Prithvi tells you that they must play a game to pass their time because some time is left for the Puja. And he starts waiting for Shambhu to come there.

Everyone challenges each other.Karan challenges that they must look at each other and the person who will we are unable to keep their eyes open will lose the challenge.

She tells that she does not accept the challenge. Karan says that she can’t even accept this much less than what will happen if she gives some big challenge.

Shristi asks Preeta to accept the challenge because it is a very challenge but she does not accept the challenge.

Later Prithvi challenges Karan to do arm wrestling with him everyone Cheers for Karan. And he wins the competition he reminds between that he never loses a competition.

Sherlyn find that someone is looking into the house She Goes and finds that it is no one but Mona. She asks that wherever she.

Mona tells that she went to bring the injection. Sherlyn tells her that she should inject Mahesh and his condition should become worse.

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