Udaariyaan New Twist: Jasmine decides to insult Fateh

Udaariyaan New Twist: Jasmine decides to insult Fateh

A lot of drama will be happening in Colours TV daily soap Udaariyaan. The makers are coming up with a new and interesting twist in each and every episode.

The audience is quite excited to know that what is waiting for them in the upcoming episodes of serial Udaariyaan.

Udaariyaan New Twist

Till now it is seen that Jasmine gets to know that half of the house belongs to Angad. And that’s why tejo will be living in the house.

She gets angry after hearing this but she asks you to stay away from her side of the house. In the upcoming episode it will be seen that the family takes care of Jasmine.

Tejo watches all this from the corridor and she feels bad for the family. Jasmine goes and makes another plan to insult Fateh.

A group of women come into the house and asks where is fateh they say that is a very bad human being.

Jasmine starts acting in front of the woman she tells that it is due to him that her life has been destroyed completely.

She asks the other women to destroy the life of Fateh. The women says that they will put black color will on his face and we’ll teach him a lesson.

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