Bhagya Lakshmi February 11, 2022 Latest Twist

Bhagya lakshmi 11th february 2022

Rishi and malishka goes to enter the bank the kidnappers stop them and the lady robber tells them that he should not marry her.

The lady robber tells that she is an egoistic girl is not suitable for marriage and will make you fight everywhere.

Malishka angry on them and she asked how can detail like this to her. The lady tells that she has told that by mistake .

In the upcoming episode it will be seen that Lakshmi and a Rishi both meet in the bank. And the robbers also enters the Bank.

The robbers starts threatening everyone. She gets angry and he starts fighting with the robbers one of the robbers points the gun at Rishi.

Lakshmi goes to save Rishi but unfortunately, the robber shoots Rishi falls down and Lakshmi start screaming and crying.

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