Starplus Anupama S01 Episode 2nd February 2022


Anupama and Anuj starts fighting like kids. Anupama clicks the photo of Anuj. Then they go to a park and start playing badminton.

Both of them enjoy the time together. The cock falls down and Anuj asks the woman standing beside him to give it.

He calls the woman ‘didi’ he says to Anupama that in this world everyone is like his sister or mother to him expect Anupama.

Both of them looks at each other romantically. On the other hand, vanraj tell Malvika that they have got a very good deal and they should confirm it.

Malvika tells no. She says she is feeling insecure and it can be because Anuj and GK is not with her. And especially Anupama is not with her.

She says that they feel that the deal is very good and very profitable but there is a problem they can’t see the things which Anupama can see.

Malvika says that they can be MBA but the things which Anupama understands they can never understand them.

On the other hand Anuj loses his balance and goes to fall when Anupama catches him. She has that what would have happened if he would have fallen.

And it says that this country when he says that he have full believe that Anupama will never let him fall. Anuj receives a call from Malvika.

Anuj and Anupama returns home and waits for Malvika. She comes home and tells everyone that the Mumbai project is going on.

She says that she has decided that she will be sitting with vanraj the Mumbai and will stay in a hotel and in unless the gate of flat.

Anuj gets angry at her he says that she did not feel that it was important for her to inform them first. She says that after confirming the deal it was both of them whom she is telling this.

He says that it is exactly right after confirming that deal she’s telling but before confirming that he’ll she should have asked them.

Malvika asks Anupama whether she has told that she told her. She says that she has told nothing Anuj tells that she has told nothing and he has hard everything.

Anupama and Anuj tries to make her understand that vanraj is not a correct human.Vanraj returns home and tells Kavya that they are going to Mumbai.

He says that come here came to his office but how will she come behind him to Mumbai. Kavya says that whatever happens she will never leave him.

Anuj tells that till now he was thinking that there is only a professional relationship between her and vanraj but now he is feeling that there is something more than that between them.

He says that she should go to her partner the next day and should stop the project as well as she should break the partnership.

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