Kundali bhagya S01 February 2, 2022 Latest Update: Natasha Plans To Distance Preeta and Karan

Kundali bhagya 2nd February 2022

Natasha discusses with Sherlyn that Karan wants to stay with her in front of preeta so that he can make her jealous.

So that Preeta comes to him. She tells that Karan is wrong as preeta will be going away by doing this. Natasha makes a plan to distance Preeta from Karan.

Karan tells Preeta that whenever she wants to meet him she can just ask for him and he will be there in front of her.

A lot of drama is happening in the Zee TV release of kundali Bhagya the audience are quite excited to know what will be happening in the upcoming episode.

In the latest track, it is seen that Karan meets Preeta. And both of them speak to each other he tells sorry to her for his behavior.

She asks what was he telling. He says that it was just a casual sorry. She says that he does not know how it feels when someone tells sorry and what it means.

Both of them get emotional he says that he knows very well that she is not like that and she is just pretending.

He finds that she has received a wound and he looks for the first aid box. And he helps her to get Ok. She gets emotional seeing current so much worried about her.

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