Starplus Anupama 4th Feb 2022 Promo: Malvika asks Anuj to leave Anupama forever

Anupama 4th Feb 2022 Promo: in the upcoming episode of Star Plus serial Anupama it will be seen that vanraj tells Malvika that when her brother told her to leave the partnership she left it.

He says that she has suffered so much for everyone he reminds that she lost her parents due to Anuj. Everyone gets shocked to listen this.

Anuj gets angry.Vanraj asks Malvika to tell her brother that she must leave Anupama because he is telling her then will he leave her.

He asks whether her brother will live Anupama for her. Malvika asks Anuj whether he can leave Anupama forever.


Anuj gets surprised to hear this. Malvika asks him to leave Anupama for her. The Shah family gets shocked to hear this.

In the latest episode It is seen that vanraj tells Anupama that he is not interested in the relationship or anything.

He says that he is only interested in his work and future. Malvika comes there and tells that he is right. She says that she has done a mistake and not he.

She says that she wants to break the partnership with him he gets shocked. He asks what is wrong Mallika says that Anuj has told her to break the partnership.

Vanraj stars thinking that how can he stop all this. He starts blackmailing Anuj in front of everyone. He tells Malvika that he respects her very much.

He also says that he knows that how much Malvika and Anuj loves each other. He reminds her that it was Anuj due to home she has lost her parents.

Anuj gets surprised to hear what he is telling.Vanraj tries to change the mind of Malvika and provoke her against Anuj.

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