UDAARIYAAN UPDATE:OH NO!!! Fateh to marry jasmine


Color’s most popular show Udaariyaan is one of the most interesting TV serials. The makers are coming up with new and interesting twists in each and every episode.

The audience of the show is quite excited to know what will be happening in the upcoming episode because the High Voltage drama is going in the serial.

In the latest track, it is seen that tejo gets to know that Jasmine is treating fateh and his family very badly she feels very bad.

Fateh meet tejo outside the house and he says that whatever is happening in the house is due to Jasmine because she is doing all this.

Tejo feels very bad.Fateh tells that very soon he will become the husband of jasmine and he knows that it will be very hard for her.

He says that both of them should not meet each other anymore because both of them will be facing difficulties and moving ahead in their life.

Later on, Jasmine calls tejo and asks her to come to the wedding she says that if she is not coming to the wedding then she will send Amrik to bring her.

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