Anupama S01 Episode 4th February 2022:OMG! Will Anuj leave Anupama For Malvika?


Vanraj tells malvika that for anuj’s happiness she can do anything but anuj will never do anything for her.Anuj tells him to stop.

Anuj tells vanraj that he should not manipulate her.Vanraj ignores him and does not listen to him.He continues to tells that in their relationship anuj is dominant.

He says that she can do everything for anuj but Anuj cant do anything for her. Anupama stops Anuj from arguing with Vanraj. 

Malvika claims that Anuj can do anything for her and anuj support her.Vanraj tells that if she has so much faith in him then she should tell him to break the relation with anupama like told her to break the relation with him.

Vanraj claim Anuj and Malvika’s relationship is one way.Anupama says that he is behaving like a child whose chocolate has fallen and he wants all to drop their chocolates.

Anupama tries to make him understand but he denies to hear to her.Vanraj accuse anupama for destroying his life.

He further thinks he won’t spare anyone who will try to block his way. Shahs stands stunned. Anuj thanks Malika that she took his side.

Anupama sees her and starts thinking about whether she has got influenced by vanraj.Shahs’ learn that Malvika breaks her partnership with Vanraj. Hasmuk accuse Vanraj but Leela side Vanraj.

Vanraj thinks that only malvika can save him. Malvika gets manipulated by vanraj and she says that she won’t hear him this time.

She tells that he has always hurt her and snatched her happiness be it Akshay or Vanraj. Malvika asks Anuj if for her sake he will leave Anupama.

Anupama supports Anuj on the hand malvika sends vanraj a message and tells him that she is sorry for her behavior.

Vanraj gets happy and instigate Malvika against Anupama. He asks her not to fight with Anuj for him. Kavya gets amazed to see vanraj’s plans.

Anupama and Anuj recall Vanraj and Malvika’s accusation. She starts crying. Anupama decides to back out and Anuj gets shocked.[Episode Ends]

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