Meet episode 7th February 2022 sneak peek update

Meet episode 7th February 2022 sneak peek

A lot of twists are happening in Zee TV serial meet. In the upcoming episode, Babita tells meet that she has got to know how very cleverly she has made her sister lose the challenge.

She tells that she has also got to know that she removed the front seat of the car so that her sister feels to seat beside her son.

Meet episode 7th February 2022

But unfortunately, Babita finds that it is no one but her son is standing in front of her it is not meet. She get shocked to see him over there.

Her son asks her that what is she telling about and what challenge is going on between Manushi and meet.

Babita decides to tell the truth to him that what is happening and why she has decided to challenge Manushi and meet.

She shows the letter that meet’s grandmother has given her.Meet ahlawat read the letter and gets to know that it was meet because of whom Manushi ran away from the wedding.

Meet episode precap:

In the latest track Babita gives a challenge to Manushi and meet. She says that both of them have to prove themselves that who is the best for her son.

At first she gives the first challenge to both of them she asks both of them to make kesari kheer because her son likes it very much.

On the other hand meet ahlawat is still unaware of the challenge.Meet wins the first challenged by defeating Manushi.

Babita also gets to know that the kheer made that Manushi brought was not made by her but it was made by her grandmother.

It will be very interesting to know what happens in the upcoming episode. Stay tuned with us for the latest spoilers and updates of the show.

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