Udaariyaan upcoming episode spoiler alert: Jasmine gets to know the truth

Udaariyaan upcoming episode spoiler alert

High Voltage drama is going on in Colours TV serial udaariyaan. Tejo finds that fateh is lying on the ground unconscious.

She tries to make him get back his consciousness. On the other hand, just been starts getting married thinking that the groom is fateh.

After getting married she decides to see him she asks him to show his face. But she was surprised to see that it is not fateh but it is amrik.

She asks what is he doing over there amrik says that it is checkmate. Jasmine gets angry on him and goes to slap him.

But before slapping him fateh comes over there and holds her hand. Jasmine asks that why has he done this.

She tells that he has betrayed her once again in the wedding. He says that he does not know anything about this and what happened.

Amrik says that actually whatever has been done by him. Jasmine starts behaving very badly with the family.

Tejo goes and slaps her Jasmine says that she will never let both of them reunite. She says that she will be taking the revenge.

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