Bhagya Lakshmi 31st Jan – 5th Feb 2022 Weekly Update

Bhagya Lakshmi

Zee TV serial Bhagyalakshmi is coming up with a new twist in the upcoming episode. The makers of the show have never failed to entertain the audience.

In the latest, Malishka and Rishi goes to the jewelry shop for their wedding and they go to the same shop where Lakshmi has started working as a salesgirl.

Malishka meets Lakshmi in the jewellery shop and she gets shocked to see her was there Lakshmi says that she has started working in the shop .

Rishi feels guilty that she has been very badly with Lakshmi. He speaks to Aayush about that she also says him that Lakshmi has started working in a shop.

Aayush asks him not to lose the opportunity and go to Lakshmi and apologies. On the other hand Malishka starts insulting Lakshmi in front of everyone.

She asks me to take out some beautiful wedding rings. She says that she does not like any one of them and throws the Ring On The Floor.

Lakshmi goes to become the ring and Malishka says that actually, she is the problem. She tells that actually it is because of her that everything is looking bad.

Rishi hurts himself by wearing the small ring. And then he asks Kalyani to send Lakshmi and do the first aid. He apologizes to Lakshmi for his behaviour.

In the upcoming episode, Malishka and Karishma make a plan to blame Lakshmi. Maliska steals are jewelry

And then she puts the jewelry in the bag of Lakshmi and then she started shouting that her jewelry has been stolen by the staff.

Kalyani says that she will be checking each on everyone’s beg to confirm has to stolen that. Malishka thinks that she has succeeded in her planning now she will insult Lakshmi and Lakshmi will get arrested.

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