Zee TV Bhagya lakshmi 9th February 2022 : Rishi and Lakshmi feels for each other

Zee TV Bhagya lakshmi

Zee TV Bhagya lakshmi 9th February 2022

Sonia calls Malishka and asks whether their plan has been executed or not Malishka informs them that they have failed in their planning.

She get surprised to hear this. Karishma asks that why has the plan failed and why she is speaking like this.

Then Malishka explains to Karishma that how Rishi saved left me from all of this. Sonia tell that she has changed from inside.

On the other hand Rishi tells Ayush what happened in the store. Aayush gets excited to know that Rishi feels for Lakshmi.

The staff of the store asks Lakshmi whether she loves me or not. The staff ask her whether it was love at first sight.

She also asked whether Lakshmi is in love with her she but she got married to another place. Lakshmi says that is true that she has got married to someone else.

Malishka asks Rishi that why did he support Lakshmi in front of everyone. He loses his control and tell her that you are saving her.

He tells that he got to know the truth and his or her putting the necklace in the bag of Lakshmi. Malishka apologizes for her mistake.

Rishi asks that for how many times do we have to explain that he loves her and prove it to her. Kalyani calls Lakshmi and gives her the bonus.

She says that Veena staff member works well in the store then they give them a bonus after returning home Lakshmi keeps the bonus in the Mandir.

Lakshmi and her sisters hug each other. Lakshmi decides to open a bank account in next day. Lakshmi and Rishi starts remembering each other.

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