Meet 11 February 2022 Update: Meet Hooda decides to meet Kunal

Meet 11 February 2022

Manushi feeling very happy she thinks that meet is changing his mind and soon he will throw out his wife and bring her to the house as his wife.

Dadi calls meet and inform him that she is very happy and their plan is working out she says that we should teach a lesson to her.

Meet ahlawat tells that he will surely teacher listen he said that he will not break the trust of his wife but he will back the trust of Manushi.

Manushi thinks that meet has introduced the two differences and has told that she is his wife which means that he’s starting to fall for her.

The next day meet wakes up and finds that meet ahlawat is sleeping beside her she things how both of them made for the first time.

She thinks that after meeting she never thought that she will fall in love with him but she is in love with him now.

She tells herself that her mother has told the right thing that she is in love with him and can’t stay without him for on second.

She received a call from Kunal and she asks whether the person who is speaking to her Kunal, Kunal tells that it is Kunal speaking.

She asks him to come and take the money, he tells that he is out of the station and he will be coming the next and take the money.

What will happen when we meet will get to know the truth ?

Will Kunal reveal the truth of Manushi?

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