Anupama Big Update February 11,2022:Anuj and Anupama to live together


Anupama 11 February 2022: Anuj sits with a broken heart. Anupama blows the whistle Anuj looks at her . He finds that Anupama has written start on the road.

Anupama asks him to come.Vanraj sees that chair in the office and he sits on it. He tells to himself that vanraj is back.

She tells a shayari to Anuj and motivates him. She says that everything has ended, but the fact is where things end. From there a new beginning starts.

Anupama holds his hand and asks him to come with her. She loses his balance Anuj saves her. Anupama takes the sandal and gives it to Anuj.

Anuj tells her not to do all this, she asks .why is it like that when a boy helps a girl it is appreciable but when a girl does the same thing it is wrong

She says that everything should be equal in a relationship just like both of them. Anuj says that he does not know where to go now.

Anupama tells that he will be coming to their house. Anuj was surprised to hear this he says that he had a lot of friends who can help him to find a place to stay.

She tells that she will never leave him and she will be following him and somehow she makes him agree to go to stay with her.

On the other hand Malvika and vanraj reaches home Malvika goes and hugs GK. She asks whether Anuj has returned home or not she gets to know that Anuj has left the house.

Vanraj asks that if Anuj has left the house where will he stay now. GK tells that Anuj will be staying with Anupama

Leela supports her son, and Paritosh also takes her side and tells that whatever his father has got it is due to his hard work.

Hasmukh tells that he will not calm down until and unless he meets Anupama.Vanraj enters the house and informs everyone that Anupama and Anuj will be staying together.

Leela says that this can happen she asks him to bring Anupama to that house and ask Anuj to find somewhere else to stay.

Hasmukh asks samar to accompany him. On the other hand Anupama brings tea for Anuj. She asks that why is he so much upset.

She tells that he was not so much upset when he came to her house when she send the message the last time.

He says that it was because the last time she came just to visit her and then he left but now he will be staying with her in her house. Anupama says that it is their house.

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