Bhagya Lakshmi episode 2nd February 2022: OH NO! Rishi finds Lakshmi in the jewelry shop

Bhagya Lakshmi

Malishka says that she is not liking the jewelry on Lakshmi and she asks Kalyani to put the jewellery somewhere else. Kalyani tries to take out the jewelry from Lakshmi but she leaves crying. Kalyani also goes from there to find Lakshmi.

Malishka feels happy by insulting Lakshmi and seeing that she is crying and she is in pain. Lakshmi goes to the washroom and starts crying. She decides that she have to be strong at least for her sisters. Malishka decides to insult to Lakshmi again.

Malishka goes to the washroom and asks whether she is crying. She says that she’s not going just something fail into her eyes. She tries to ignore Malishka and she goes from there. Before going she asks her whether she want anything.

Malishka asks Lakshmi to stop and she gets surprised to see that she is not paying attention to her at all. On the other hand Lakshmi and Rishi comes across each other and Rishi get shocked to see Lakshmi over there.

He tells sorry to Lakshmi but she says that nothing can get fine by telling a sorry. Malishka comes there and says that Lakshmi has started working in that shop she asks him whether she is trying to miss behave with him.

Lakshmi asks Rishi whether you want something. She goes to Kalyani and says that she want to take a leave. Kalyani does not agree with her and says that if she wants the job she have to deal with the customers.

She says that if she can’t deal with the customers she can go to the basement and clear it. Malishka comes to Lakshmi and asks her to show some beautiful rings. She asks to show a beautiful heart-shaped ring.

She chooses a ring and ask her to keep it aside and says that will be surprisingly she by wearing it. Then she asks Lakshmi to show some necklace. She says that she does not like them. Ayush calls Rishi to ask something about work.

Rishi tells Ayush that Lakshmi is there in the jewellery shop and she has started working over there. He says that he has done a very wrong thing by insulting Lakshmi. Aayush asks him to speak to Lakshmi. Rishi thanks him for giving a good suggestion.

Malishka says rings are not good and throws them. Lakshmi tells she can show more designs. Lakshmi go to bring the other designs when malishka says that actually, the problem is not with the rings. But the main problem is her. She says that when she is in front of her it is looking ugly.

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