Kundali Bhagya 7 January 2022 spoiler alert: Preeta in Big danger

Srishti goes to take the plate and Prithvi gives her the plate. She asks him to keep it up what is he doing. He thinks that no one knows that what is he doing.

On the other hand Shambhu finds that it is the original bomb which is in his carriage and the bomb which he has given to Prithvi is not the original one.

Kundali Bhagya 7 January 2022

Shristi finds that Karan and Preeta are working together. Karan asks Shristi to patch up with Sameer for that day.

Preeta goes to take the plate Prithvi gives the plate to Karan. She asks that why did he give template to him first because she was first in the line.

He says that actually he forgot that now she is the owner of the house he gives another plate to her. He started thinking that it will be very entertaining when the bomb will blast.

Shambhu calls and tells Prithvi that my mistake he has given the wrong coconut to him and it is not the bomb.

Prithvi gets angry and he asks that what can he do now. Shambhu asks him to do one thing he asks him to stop the Puja for sometime.

Everyone gets ready for the Puja when the Pandit comes and tells everyone that they can’t start with the Pooja now because some time is still left.

Prithvi decides to play a game with family. Everyone starts playing the game.Later Natasha starts dancing with Karan and she gets close to him.

Preeta feels bad after seeing this Shristi decides to do something She Goes and also everyone to dance with them. Natasha from their and Preeta and Karan gets closer.

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