Bhagya Lakshmi: OH NO! The robbers enter the bank, will Lakshmi be able to save rishi’s life?

Bhagya lakshmi : Rishi and Lakshmi meet each other in the bank. Rishi goes to speak to her but she ignores him.

Bhagya lakshmi

She tells him that at first he must decide what he wants because he cant get all he wants.She asks Rishi if he has a heart or not. She tells that he should forget her and get loyal to someone.

The gang of robbers enter the bank.And they color the CCTV so that they are not seen. Then they start threatening everyone.

Rishi and lakshmi gets into a problem.the robbers attempt their task and threaten the people, turning them into hostages.Rishi gets shot, and she fails to stop the robbers from shooting.

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