Anupama Spoiler Alert:Vanraj dreams of becoming the Boss


Anupama and anuj gets out of the office.Anuj tells Anupama that he has taken two wrong decision for malvika in the past.

The security guard salutes anuj .Anuj tells that he should call him anuj not sir.Anu sees that vanraj is watching them from the window.

Anuj tells anu that he does not know where to go.He says that he has lost everything.Anupama console him.

Malvika breaks the pieces of stuff in the office.Vanraj console her and make her realise that anupama is more important for anuj.

Vanraj tells that she should prove that she can also do the bussiness.He thinks that now she will be the boss fro outside.

But he will be the real boss of the company.GK asks anu to help anuj.Anuj tells GK that he should take care of malvika.

GK tells anu to take care of anuj he says that anuj came to the family for the family and for the reason he is going . Anupama assures that she will take care of anuj.

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