Meet New Twist 2nd February 2022: YES!!! Meet wins the challenge


Meet New Twist 2nd February 2022:Meet ahlawat smells the kheer he tells his mother that meet does not know how to make kesari kheer. Meet comes empty hand and Manushi brings the kheer that she has made.

Babita asks meet that’s why she has came with nothing and where is the kheer. She says that she failed to make the kheer Babita says that she has already told her that she can bring the kheer from outside. She says that she is doing this but she can’t blame her later on.

Meet says that he can’t stop eating the kheer he says that he will be eating it right now he goes to eat it. When his wife comes and gives a cup of tea. Manushi says that there is nothing special in tea. He picks up the cup of tea and drinks it.

He says that it is amazing and it tastes just like that tea which they had once. Manushi says that the competition was between kheer and not tea.Meet ahalwat tell that tea is such a thing that anyone can have in any time.

Meet remembers how she took the help of Rajvardhan and she was working on light to make the tea. Rajvardhan said her that is one of the best tea made by her. She says that it is the blessing of her father. Manushi gets angry.

Meet asks Manushi to stop she tests the khir and says that she should tell her grandmother that she has made the Kheer very tasty. She says that he knows very well that is not made by her but it is made by their grandmother.

Babita overhears the conversation. Meet says that she is cheating in the competition. Sunaina asks Masoom that should not ask Tej to get out of the house. Rajvardhan comes and asks that what is going on.

Raj gets to know that masoon is trying to exchange the room. He says that if she thinks that her room is small then she can immediately go and shift another place or the other property they have.Meet ahlawat tells meet that she should check the mail.

Meet Ahlawat says that he has asked the college professors to send the notes on email. She finds that he is trying to fix the bag she asks him whether he needs help. He says that he does not need any help. Babita tells Manushi that meet is responsible for her son’s condition.

Manushi agrees to win the challenge. On the other hand meet ahlawat says that he can’t fix the bag and asks meet to help him out.Meet asks him to apply the glue and she holds the bag strap in correct position.The glue sticks to meet and her husbands hand.

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