Bhagya Lakshmi 8th February 2022 latest update

Bhagya Lakshmi 8th February 2022

Malishka asks Kalyani to call the police as soon as possible and arrest Lakshmi she starts insulting Lakshmi in front of everyone.

She tells that Lakshmi wanted to break her marriage with Rishi that’s why he did all this. Lakshmi gets angry on her.

Lakshmi says that she was never trying to do all this and she has not done all this. She says that she has not stolen and necklace.

Malishka says that she is telling lie because they found in the necklace in her bag. The police arrive there in the store.

Rishi comes there and tells that he has kept the necklace in her bag. Everyone is surprised to hear this. Lakshmi asks him that why is he telling a lie.

Rishi says that he was the one who has done all this. He makes everyone agree that it was his mistake. Kalyani and the police asks why did he keep such an expensive necklace in Lakshmi’s bag.

He says that Lakshmi deserves it once she has saved his life and at that time she lost her most expensive necklace which was given by her mother.

The Police says that they must not call the police without any reason and they go from there. Lakshmi remembers how Rishi saved her. She gets emotional thinking all this.

Later on Lakshmi and malishka she tells her that she no more loves Rishi but she also tells her to take care of Rishi because he has the habit of loving someone else after getting married.

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