Kundali Bhagya Episode Spoiler Alert: Will Prithvi be successful in his plan?

Kundali Bhagya
images credits-Zee5

Prithvi challenges karan and tells him to arm wrestling with him. Luthra’s cheers for Karan.Karan wins the challenge and he starts dancing.

He tells Prithvi that he must have forgotten that he was challenging him. Kareena calls Sameer and asks him to sing a song as dare. He tells her that he is just a bathroom singer.

He also tells other not to judge him.Then he sings a song.Then karan tells preeta to come there and gface the challenge.

He tells that he will not give her truth as no one will be able to understand what she wants to say.He tells that there is a dare for her.

 He challenges her to play staring contest with him. She refuses to accept his challenge. Preeta asks Karan to give any big challenge to her.

Then they starts playing playing tug of war.rishti notices that Preeta going to lose so she goes to help Preeta.

Sherlyn goes to mona and informs her that Mahesh has shift from the basement to his room. She tells her to infect Mahesh so that his condition worsen’s.

On the other hand Prithvi starts thinking that how will he manage things because he can’t delay the pooja anymore.


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