Bhagya Lakshmi 18th February 2022 Latest Update: Will the robbers kill Lakshmi?

bhagya lakshmi

Lakshmi leaves to another room she thinks that she is not getting the signal as it is the locker room. She leaves from there.

Bhuvan searches for her. She makes a video and then she sees Bhuvan there and throws the phone outside the window.

The robber tells rishi to remember who he loves . Bhuvan tells Lakshmi will kill her as she played with him.

Rishi sees his parents, cousins, and his moments with Lakshmi. Lakshmi sees her Dad, sisters, and her moments with Rishi.

On other hand, a friend of dadi calls and tells her about the video made by Lakshmi.Dadi tells Neelam that their Rishi is in danger as Robbers make them as hostages to loot the bank. 

Neelam puts on the TV and they see how Lakshmi alerted everyone about the robbery.The tv reporter tells that Rakesh Singh is handling the case.

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