Anupama Ep 503,18th February 2022:Anupama and Anuj to grow old together

Images-Still from the show

Anupama and Anuj stand together.She tells that her heart told her before but she fell for him later on.She remembers the moment with anuj.

She told anuj once that Hushmuk told her that she should think differently for Anuj. Anuj also remembers some moments with her.

Anu says that she was waiting for the right moment to express her love for him. Anuj gets happy hearing this.

At the shah house, kinjal asks toshu why he did not come to the valentines day party. He tells that he was busy at work.

She tells him that he is telling lie because he was at the club. Paritosh asks Kinjal what she wants from him. Kinjal says she wants his time.

Anuj gets stunned.Anupama reads a poem for Anuj. Anupama says to Anuj that their love is unique and different.

Anupama tell that she wants to grow old with him.Anuj gets happy, Duo shares an eye-lock.Anuj tells her to repeat the seven magical words.

She says that she wants to bless her children along with him.Anupama says she wants to prepare tea for him and spend rest of her life.

Anu asks anuj whether he will stay with her .He says that he wants to stay with her all the time.He tells anupama to repeat the words again.

Anupama repeats for Anuj that she wants to grow old with him.Both of them celebrate Valentine’s by cutting cake.

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