Kundali Bhagya, 18 February 2022:Shocking!!! Kareena asks everyone to leave the house

kundali bhagya

Preeta tells Karan that he should support her and believe her. He asks why he should believe her as she spoiled everyone’s mood at Mahesh’s birthday.

She tries to make him understand but he denies to hear to her. Kritika tries to find out Karan . Dadi says maybe Rakhi’s BP is low.

Preeta tells Sameer to bring saltwater. Natasha tells preeta to stop pretending as if she cares for her. Preeta tells her to shut up.

She says that preeta is responsible for the condition of rakhi. Natasha asks if she really worries for the family then why she does all this.

Kritika says that preeta is still the same and she does whatever she wants. Preeta asks them to stop talking and focus on Rakhi. Preeta says she’ll check Rakhi.

Karan tells preeta to stop acting as if he is very much worried about the family. Kareena says that they should leave the house along with Mahesh.

Preeta thinks that if this happens then there will be a problem. She tells that they can leave the house but they wont take mahesh .

She reminds that she is the legal caretaker of Mahesh. Preeta thinks of using her own method to make things right.

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