Anupamaa Full Episode 494 February 7th, 2022: Vanraj worries if Anupama will spoil his plan

Anupamaa 7th february 2022

Anupamaa 7th February 2022: Anupama tells Anuj that he is not right and the decision has taken is not right. Anuj tell that he has taken the decision after lot of thinking.

He says that he is came to the conclusion after a lot of thinking about this matter and he wants her to support him in this matter.

Malvika tells vanraj that Anuj should not had done this .Vanraj tries to manipulate her and provoke her against Anuj and Anupama. He says that Anuj has left the company but not Anupama.

He says Anuj can’t think beyond Anupama. Anupama decide to not support Anuj.At the shah house Leela gets worried thinking about what is happening in the office.

He says that this is the reason why she wanted Paritosh to go to the office and look after the matter. Paritosh was that if you went to the office they also know that heard him

On the other hand Kavya thinks that nothing should happen to the partnership between Anuj and Anupama.

She prays to God that nothing happens to the partnership but she also plays that Malvika and vanraj should get a part.

Anupama tells Anuj that he has taken around decision and he does not know that what will happen if vanraj starts playing with them.

She makes him understand that if they leave all the things to Malvika then vanraj can do something that they cant even think of.

Vanraj tells Malvika that Anuj is no more her brother, he says that he is only the boyfriend of Anupama and he can do anything for Anupama.

He keeps manipulating Malvika and convince her that Anupama is first person in Anuj’s life and everyone comes second.

Anupama decide to stand with Anuj against Vanraj. Anuj smile hearing Anupama. Anupama goes to Malvika’s cabin.

She asks vanraj to go outside the given before she needs to speak to Malvika all alone. He says that whatever she wants to speak she must speak in front of him.

Malvika asks him to leave the cabin because she wants to speak to Anupama.Vanraj starts thinking that what will happen if Anupama spoil his plan.

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