Meet 7th Feb 2022 Latest Update : Meet ahlawat ko bata chala meet ki sach

Meet 7th feb 2022

Meet 7th February 2022 : Babita tells meet that she has got to know how she very cleverly removed the front seat from the car so that Manushi loses the challenge.

But she finds that it is not meet but it is her son who is standing there and he hears all that she has told. He gets surprised.

He asks that what he is speaking about and what kind of competition is going on in the house. Babita reveals the truth to him.

She takes of the letter that Manushi’s grandmother has given to her and has to that it is the reason why Manushi left the marriage.

But the says that it was due to meet that Manushi she had to leave the marriage and she could not marry him.

On the other hand meet thinks that it is her sister who is doing all this trying to put her down she thinks that she have to prove that she is not wrong.

She decides to find out the man to whom Manushi got married that is Kunal she decides that you find Kunal from where was she can.

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