Anupama Update : Vanraj dreams of becoming the boss of the company

Anupama gets angry on Anuj when she gets to know that he has given all the company to Malvika. She makes him understand that there are problems between brothers and sisters.

On the other hand Malvika tells her partner that her brother has given only properties to her. After hearing this vanraj starts dreaming that he will be the boss of the company will soon.

Anupama makes Anuj understand that he has given the company to Malvika and now vanraj and try to take the company from her.

In the upcoming episode, Anupama tells Anujthat he has run a very big mistake by handing over the whole company to his sister.

Anupamaa Update

She says that her she knows very well that how is vanraj and he will try his best to take the company from Malvika.

On the other hand Vanraj tries to make Malvika comfortable and makes an understand that her brother left her but he will never leave her.

In the latest track it is seen that Anupama gets to know from Anuj about the decision he has taken. Hasmukh stops vanraj from going to the office.

But he denies to listen to him and says that it is important decision which will be taken and he needs to know that what is the decision.

Anuj tells Anupama that he is done with the business. He says that he was only as security guard for the business.

He says that he was taking care of the business and now he thinks that Malvika can run the business successfully without any problem.

Anupam makes him understand that he has made a mistake by giving the whole company to her because Malvika and vanraj both are partners.

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