Anupama Upcoming Episode 26th February 2022 Promo Update


Anupama enters the cabin and claps.She asks vanraj why is he so jealous. She asks whether he is angry because anuj and she both are still happy.

She tells him that he may be angry as anuj and she both have not still given up. Anupama further takes his name.

Vanraj gets angry with her and calls the security and asks them to take away Anupama from there.Anu gets shocked.

Later the security denies telling Anupama to go out. Anupama tells that no one in the office will touch her because the office is made by Anuj . And then she leaves.

In the latest track, Anupama meets husmukh and tells him that she is still afraid of getting married she s not able to forget what happened with her in the past.

Husmukh makes her understand that anupama should give herself another chance he tells that where there is love the way always comes out there.

Later vanraj insults anuj by printing on the newspaper that anuj has been thrown away from the kapadia empire.

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