Anupama S01 Ep 511-26th February 2022 :Anupama thinks about the proposal of Anuj

Anupama tells vanraj that he has everything but still he is not happy. She tells that he is sad because he is shocked seeing that after losing everything they are still happy.

Vanraj tells that she must leave. He asks the guards to throw out Anupama. The guards tell him that he can throw them out but they can’t put a hand on Anupama.

Anupama tells vanraj that not only the guards but no one in the company can touch her because she is anuj’s anupama.

She adds that anuj has build the business after lots of efforts. Anupama says the whole building also can’t throw her out as Anuj has made a reputation with his goodness.

Anuj asks Anupama about visiting the office.Malvika stands confused.Anupama tells that what ever happened in the office has affected malvika.

Anuj says that mean Vanraj lost despite winning. Anupama says Vanraj will lose as he separated brother and sister.

The shah family prepare for the birthday party on Anupama.Leela gets irked seeing the preparation.She asks Hasmuk why he is so excited .

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He tells that none remembers Anupama’s birthday before that thus he wants to make it special for her.Kinjal too wish for Anupama.

Kavya tells Leela not to worry as they will be rich soon.Anuj dreams of marrying anupama.He gets excited for Anupama’s birthday.

Later malvika meets Anuj and they patch up.He tells that she can run the business on her own but he can’t let anyone take advantage of her. Malvika promise Anuj.[#trending | Anupama Upcoming Episode 26th February 2022 Promo Update]

Anupama thinks about the proposal of Anuj. She thinks about Hasmuk’s advice. Stay tuned for more updates.

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