Anupama S01 25th February 2022 :Will Anupama agree to marry anuj?

Anupama 25th February 2022

Anuj Sing song for Anupama.Samar call Anupama and tell her that the website design is ready she gets surprised to hear this.

He tells Anupama that soon before her birthday her website will be launching and it will be a grand birthday this time.

He tells that her life will be changing after her birthday. Anupama feels bad for her son because Nandini has left him.

Anuj tries to cancel Anupama. Anupama says that her son has become mature overnight that is the reason why she is feeling bad.

Anuj asks Anupama to reply about his proposal on her birthday she gets happy.Vanraj Paritosh and Kavya gets angry after the hear that the dealer has cancelled the deal after hearing that Anuj is not there.

They also get to know that her Hasmukh is planning a birthday party for Anupama and they get angry on Anupama and Hasmukh.

Vanraj tell that has you can’t afford a birthday party in an expensive restaurant so it is good that he is planning.

Hasmukh tell him that a king is always a king whether in his state or in exile. He further receives a message from Anupama and he leaves.

Anuj tells GK about his proposal he asks whether he is sure about what he is going to do. Anupama tell Hasmukh that she is afraid after her first marriage broke.

Anupama tells him that Anuj has many things to give her but she e will not be able to return him anything.

Hasmukh give an advice to Anupama He encourages Anupama to marry Anuj and give herself another chance.

Vanraj spread news that Anuj was fired from Kapadia Empire. Anupama and Anuj decodes Vanraj’s hand behind the news.

Malvika confront Vanraj.Vanraj tells Malvika and says Anupama Anuj might themselves spread the news.Anupama enters Vanraj’s cabin clapping.

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