Anupama 17th Feb 2022 :Anuj and Anupama Romance

Anuj asks anu why has she decorated the place. Anupama performs a dance for him. He fells happy after the dance performance of anupama.

He asks Anupama the reason about the arrangements.She takes him in.On other hand, samar and nandini decides to leave each other.


Nandini tells that it will be good to leave each other.She asks Samar to focus on their career.She adds that it will hurt them if they stay together.

Samar gets emotional thinking that Nandini will leave.He tells her not to leave.But she does not hear to him .

Nandini asks Samar to permit her to leave for the USA.He starts crying and asks her not to go but she gets adamant with her decision.

Nandini tells it will be helpful for both of them. Samar allows her to go. He decides to close the chapter of their life.

He feels proud that Nandini’s the courage to tell him and leave. Anupama tells anuj that after meeting him she got to know that one can fall for anyone anytime.

She also tells her that anuj made her understand that age doesn’t matter in love.Samar and Nandini dance together in a painful song.

He hugs Nandini and cries. Anupama thanks Anuj for supporting her and loving her for 26 years. She had that loving someone for 26 years and conditional is not easy.

She asks whether he remembers that she has told him on time that she will never let anyone enter her heart anymore.

She says that actually, he has made place for him in her heart. Anuj gets happy after hearing this and he starts smiling.

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