Anupama 9th Feb 2022 Latest Update: Anuj gives the business to Malvika

Anupama 9th February 2022

Anupama 9th February 2022 : In the upcoming episode Anuj enters the room and find Anupam and Malvika speaking to each other.

Anupama asks vanraj that why did he get into the room without permission. He asks that who is she to ask him this question.

Anuj takes Malvika to his room and gives her the agreement papers of the company. He asks her to sign the papers.

She signs the papers and becomes the owner of the company . Anuj tells that she was always the owner of the company.

He tells that he was only taking care of the company and now he has just written the company to her name that’s it.

Vanraj tells Anupama that she and her boyfriend Anuj has come on road now. He says that both of them and no beggars.

Anupama tells that you should remember that there is a saying that the person who fly most high also fall down one day.

In the latest track, it is seen that Anupama makes Malvika understand that I know he is not wrong and he is the person who loves her.

She tells that she has came there to speak to her not for a brother but for a friend. She tries to make her understand that vanraj is a wrong person.

On the other hand Paritosh tells everyone that Anuj has given the business to Malvika. Leela starts thinking that what will happen if hard sun is affected due to the brother and sister fight.

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Hasmukh gets angry on her and says that how can she be so shameless. He tells that relationships are breaking and she is only thinking of her son.

Vanraj thinks that Anupama may destroy all his planning. He tells Anuj that he is only an orphan but it was his luck that he became the owner of this Empire.

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