Meet 8th Feb 2022 Episode Spoiler Alert: WHAT! Babita supports manushi


A lot of drama is happening in Zee TV serial meet. Babita asks Manushi to show the designs. On the other hand, meet thinks that she have to find out about Kunal.

She thinks that if she finds out Kunal somehow then she can prove that Manushi left the waiting because of him and not her.

Babita gets a call and she gets to know that han model has met an accident that’s why she will be not able to walk on the ramp.

Meet comes there and tells that she need not worry because the model will be fine with physiotherapy and proper medication.

Manushi says that she does not know anything about the model and she tells that actually the model is in serious condition.

Meet asks Manushi whether she is planning to walk the ramp along with meet ahlawat and is she planning only.

Manushi says that she is not thinking like this she says that the idea she has given is not bad. Babita says that she agrees to Manushi.

She says that she will get money she walked the ramp along with her son and will make her son understand that he should not live his life with compromise.

Will meet find out Kunal?

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