Starplus Anupama February 8th,2022: Anupama warns Malvika,Vanraj gets angry

Anupama 8th February 2022

Anupama 8th February 2022:Anupama tells malvika that she wants to speak to her about anuj. Anupama tries to make malvika understand that vanraj is not a good man.

She isn’t here for her friend Anuj. Vanraj thinks that Anupama may spoil his plan . He calls someone. Paritosh tells everyone that anuj has given the business to malvika.

The shahs gets angry hearing this.Malvika claim that Anuj left her because of Anupama.Anupama gets angry because she understands that vanraj has manipulated her.

She tells mukku not to get influenced by vanraj. But Malvika refuses to listen to Anupama. Vanraj stands near the door and tries to hear the conversation going on between mukku and Anupama.

Anupama alerts Malvika about Vanraj. She adds she is trusting Vanraj and the latter might fool her.Mukku tells that she supports vanraj and knows him very well.

Anu claps and tell that till now husmukh could not figure out the character of his own son. Neither she nor kavya could understand him till now but she has understood Vanraj in just 2 months.

Malvika shows her believe on Vanraj.Leela tells that vanraj’s job can be affected due to Malvika and Anuj’s fight. Hasmuk gets angry hearing Leela. 

Leela tells that she is only worried about her son. Hasmukh and Shahs get irked with Leela.Mukku says that vanraj is a changed man now.

She tells that anuj left her due to Anupama. Anupama tries to convince Malvika that Anuj didn’t leave her nor he will ever leave him.

Vanraj thinks that he won’t be able to fulfill his dream. Husmukh asks Leela to have some shame because here Anuj and his sister’s relationship is breaking.

Kavya decides to visit the office. Hasmuk stops and says they should wait. Anupama tells mukku that Anuj is a good brother and has always shown concern for her.

Malvika tells that take into bad decisions for her in the past. Anupama makes her understand she praise Anuj and says none in the world can be like latter.Vanraj tell that Anuj was only a orphan. Anupama asks Malvika not to get over Anuj.

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