Zee Tv Serial Meet 22nd Jan 2022 Upcoming Episode

Meet 22nd Jan 2022: Meet tell her husband that he cant only think of his past. She says that he have to overcome his problems because every time she will be not there with him.

He says that he wants to forget everything but he is not able to forget anything he says that he needs our help very much.

He says that she stays very busy with her work and that’s why he is unable to speak to her. Meet tell him that he was the one who agreed to matty her.

She reminds him that she asked him whether mono she can stay in that house or not and he said yes. He says that he is affected by Manushi.


Meet tells that how she took all the responsibilities of the house she says that she was the most loved child in the house.

And should members that have refused to enjoy her childhood but after her father’s death that everything changed. Meet says that her mother broke down completely.

She tells that she could not complete her studies and she forgot everything and looked after the family and she went after earning money.

Meet tells that she to the responsibilities when she was only 16 years old, then why can’t you take responsibilities now she asks him to forget the past and move ahead in life.

Babita and Raj also speaks about the same thing. Raj tells that at this age their children should take care of them but only the opposite is happening.

Meet ahlawat overhears the conversation and goes to them he apologize for what he has done the last night. After sometime Ragini comes there and Police comes there.

The police inform that the last dialled number from the person what’s the number of that house. Babita says that it must be Manushi.

Meet things that it can’t be her sister Manushi, meet tells himself that he won’t be able to face all this he thinks that he can’t face meet family.

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