Anupama Upcoming Episode 480-22 Jan 2022 Promosode

Anupama Upcoming Episode 480-22 Jan 2022 Promosode:A lot of twist will be seen in the upcoming episode of Star Plus daily soap Anupama. The makers are coming up with new and interesting twist in each and every episode.

In the upcoming episode vanraj will tell Anupama that she should not speak against mukku. Anupama corrects him and asks him to Malvika.

He says that it is no more Malvika for him it is mukku for him. The family starts playing a game where everyone have to pick up a cheat from the bowl.

Vanraj picks up a chit it and finds that nothing is done it and according to the rule of the game the person who gets an empty chit will not be able to choose their partner.

Anupama Upcoming Episode 22 Jan 2022

He takes another chit from the bowl and tells everyone that he has got the name of Malvika. The original paper Falls from his pocket and Anupama finds that it is empty.

In the latest episode, Pakhi reveals to everyone that she is going to the USA for her further studies. The shah’s gets shocked.

Paritosh tells that he told her to try for a scholarship but if her father is ok with it he doesn’t have any problem.Vanraj tells that he knows everyone is worried about her.

He says that there is no problem because Malvika has lots of friends over there and she will help Pakhi to settle down in the USA.

Anupama tells that she will be not going outside India to study. She asks him how can he take a decision without informing her.

She says that she has spoken to their doctor before and has told her that it is not possible. He tells that if she can make a decision without informing anyone he can also make a decision.

Anupama tells that Pakhi wants to go outside India only because she wants to enjoy her life was there because her friends are also going there.

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