KUNDALI BHAGYA Upcoming Episode Sneak Peek : OH NO! Prithvi is back

Kundali Bhagya

Kundli Bhagya upcoming episode update: the upcoming episode of kundali Bhagya will be very interesting. The audience was given lots of love to the show.

Work is one of the most loved TV serials. The makers have always entertained the audience with new and interesting twist.

In the upcoming episode it will be seen that Sherlyn and Natasha save Prithvi. Prithvi asks what is he doing over there.

She asks how did he come there when he was in the party. Sherlyn says that everything is destroyed that he has planned.

Serlyn tells him that the plan that he made that he will take all the investors to invest in his company that plan has been destroyed.

She says that Preeta is still alive and after listening to this he gets shocked. He starts thinking that how can that be possible.

Sherlyn says that Preeta has taken each and everything from him as well as she has taken all the investors and asked them to invest in the Luthra company.

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