Meet Upcoming episode 146 Big Update: Meet’s first day in college


Meet ahlawat decides that now his wife meet will have to face no problems and he will make her Life OK. He gives a bag to her.

He says that when she was 16 years old she took the responsibilities of the House on her shoulder. That’s why she could not complete her education.

He says that but now on the same shoulder he is putting the bag with which will be going to the college and complete her full education.

Meet ahlawat tells that he will be going with her to go back to college. She tell that you do not go with him to college.

He asks to meet then with whom will be sure going to college she says that she will be going to the college with someone who is far better than him.

Meet ahlawat gets surprised to listen this. Anubha finds meet getting into the auto rickshaw she thinks that what you should doing over there.

She is just thinking that it is the first day of her college and why she carrying a long rod with her. After sometime a man enters the ahlawat house in wounded condition.

Everyone has said who is he and why have you come there. He informs everyone that they should call the police and inform the police at meet is responsible for all this.

What has meet done ? Is she in danger ?

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