Zee TV Bhagya Lakshmi upcoming new twist: Malishka and Lakshmi comes infront of each other

Zee TV Bhagya Lakshmi: Rishi tries to forget whatever has happened in his life. He decides that he will now only look at his future and will build the future with Malishka.

Zee TV Bhagya Lakshmi

He decides to forget Lakshmi and move ahead in his life. On the other hand Lakshmi also decides to forget everything that has happened to her in the past.

Rano gets angry on Lakshmi and asks her that why did he return all the money that she got in the alimony. She asks how will She run their family.

She tells that they are three sisters and she have to take care of the family but she does not have enough money. Lakshmi says that she will be doing a job to make it easy.

Lakshmi gets a call. Darshan tells her that there was a problem in this selection in their company. And due to the misunderstanding, she got rejected.

He asks her to join his company as soon as possible. Lakshmi informs say everyone that she has got the job at last.

She goes to work in the jewellery shop. On the other hand Rishi asks Malishka whether she will marry him or not.

Both of them get happy. Rishi also gets to know that Viraj and his grandfather came over there and there was a very big argument.

Rishi and maliska goes to buy the mangalsutra and they go to the same shop Lakshmi is working. Both of them gets shocked to see Lakshmi over there.

Will Rishi help Lakshmi ?

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