Anupama 22-29th January 2022 Weekly Update

Anupama Update

Anupama 22-29th January 2022 Weekly Update: Kavya tells anu that she needs a job and she wants to become the same woman that she was before.

Anupama agrees to give her the job she takes her to the office and tells everyone that you will be working with her in the same office now.

Vanraj gets angry after knowing that Kavya will be working in the same office. Anupama thinks that she is only giving opportunity to Kavya and there is nothing else.

Later on Anupama and Kavya returns home and finds that vanraj is sitting near the corridor. He starts insulting both of them asks why has Anupama done this.

He says that Anupama intentionally did this. He says that when Anuj and Anupama can be friends then why can’t he and Malavika be friends.

He says that he feels like as if he is choking and he is unable to breathe because Kavya is always in front of him. He says that now she is also in his office.

Malvika speaks to Anuj about this matter. She tells him that it is very difficult for vanraj because at the house is always with Kavya. And now he has to handle her in the office also.

She says that if she and her partner have any problem in the office she will be leaving the office and going to another place.

Anuj makes her understand but she denies listening to him. Anupama overhears the conversation. Anuj tells Anupama that he has to do something and solve the problem.

Anupama finds a diary and she also finds a rose from it. She asks Anuj what is it. Anuj tells her that it was the rose that she wanted to give her when both of them were in their college.

Both of them looks at each other and both of them gets emotional. To get the spoilers and updates of the show stay tuned with us and keep on watching Anupama.

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