Meet Serial January 31st,2022:SHOCKING!!! Babita gives a Challenge to Meet


Meet Serial January 31st,2022: the episode starts with meet entering the house Babita asks her to stop. Meet tell that she can explain why she could not come to the panchayat meeting.

Babita says that she knows very well why she did not come there. She tells that it was Manushi due to home she could not come over there.

Meet says that it is absolutely right she asks how did she know about that. Babita says that she does not have any shame. She calls her grandmother.

She shows a letter to her and tells her that it is the same letter that Manushi had written to meet ahlawat when she was leaving the wedding.

Meet ask her grandmother why should we go on this. Her grandmother starts insulting her but from inside she thinks that there is no other way because Manushi is making her do all this.

Meet ahlawat asks tej what will he do because he can’t understand that who is right.The meet comes there to speak to him.

But he denies speaking to her and even see her. Tej says that this can happen he puts meet and meet ahlawat hand together.

The servant comes and tells meet that Babita is calling she goes to meet her Babita says that she has planned something.

She says that meet and Manushi both of them have to face a challenge she says that it will be a challenge for 10 days.

Babita tells that if meet loses the challenge then she have to give divorce to to her son and have to do leave the house.

She says that both of them have to make kesari kheer because it is favourite of her son. She says that she knows very well that meet does not know how to make it. She says that but she can buy it from outside.

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