Zee TV Bhagya Lakshmi big update-Rano creates misunderstanding between Rishi and Lakshmi

Zee TV Bhagya Lakshmi big update: Zee TV serial Bhagyalakshmi is coming up with new and interesting twist in each and every episode which is keeping the audience tuned to the show.

In the upcoming episode it will be very interesting to know that what will be happening. A promo has been released on YouTube.

In the promo it is been seen that Lakshmi returns to the Oberoi house after a long time. Karishma watches Lakshmi entering the house and gets angry on her.

Karishma asks her to leave the house as soon as possible she says that the way she came in the house she should leave the house in a similar way.

Bhagya Lakshmi

Before Lakshmi leaves the house Virendra comes there and calls Lakshmi. Lakshmi gets emotional and goes and hugs . Virendra both of them gets emotional seeing each other.

On the other hand Rishi goes to meet Lakshmi. When he goes to meet Lakshmi he finds that Lakshmi is not at home But rano speaking to someone on phone.

Rano intentionally speaks on the phone and tells that Lakshmi was always thinking about the time when she will get rid of Rishi.

She says on the phone that Lakshmi was waiting to get the divorce so that she can get lots of money in alimony.

Neelam asks Lakshmi that why she does not come to the house. She says that when there is no relationship with her husband then why will she come to that house.

Rishi comes back home and says that it is right that left me does not have any relationship with him anymore but there is one relationship left.

He says that the relationship with money is still left he says that she will get the money. And he gives the money to her everyone gets shocked to see all this.

The upcoming episode of serial Bhagyalakshmi will be very interesting. Stay tuned with us for latest spoilers and updates of the show and people watching Zee TV serial Bhagyalakshmi.

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