Anupama 26th January 2022: Big Twist! Kavya joins Anupama’s Company

Anupama 26th January 2022: Malvika surprise vanraj but he does not react to her things she asks why he did not react to her.

He says because he has got used to it he says that she is doing only one who understands him and does not face questions on him.

Malvika says that she will always support him and will never doubt him. On the other hand, Anupama enters the room.

Kavya says that she misbehaved with Leela and Hasmukh and that’s why both of them are angry with her. Anupama tells time that she has been there to meet Nandini.

Anupama 26th January 2022

Kavya asks Anupama that she also took the decision of her self-respect. Anupama says that if they want to leave the country they can leave the country.

Anupama tells that you should leave the country with their heads up and they should not be ashamed of themselves.

Anupama says that should put their head straight while leaving the house. She feels very bad for Kavya. Kavya asks her to help her for getting a job.

Anupama agrees to help her to get a job. Anupama asks Nandini and Kavya to boldly face and fight for their rights.

Anuj waits for Anupama to come into the office. Anupama and Kavya enter the office and he gets shocked. Anupama tells that Kavya needs a job.

She says that Kavya will be working with them on the project she tells Anuj that there will be no problem because of her. Anuj supports her decision.

Malvika and vanraj gets shocked to see Kavya there.Vanraj gets angry with Kavya because he thinks that she has come dear to create differences between him and Malvika.

Nandini remembers the moments with Samar and she runs towards him. At the office, Malvika welcomes Kavya to office.

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Nandini goes to Samar and says that she loves him very much he gets shocked to hear this and keeps quiet. Anuj tells Kavya that it is the second chance that he has given to her.

Anupama tells Anuj that there will be no problem in the office due to Kavya. She says that if there is any problem due to her then she will listen to what he will say.

Samar gets angry at Nandini and shouts at her he says that he will be thinking before getting into a relationship with her once again.

Vanraj gets angry on Anupama for bringing coming over there and asking her to work with her. Hasmukh and Leela thinks that what will happen in the office.

They discuss what will happen if Kavya again creates a problem in the office because Malvika and vanraj both are present in the office.

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