Zee TV Meet upcoming episode update: Meet Ahlawat misunderstands Meet

Meet upcoming episode update: a lot of twists are being seen in Zee TV serial meet. In the latest track it is seen that a man comes inside the house and everyone gets shocked.

After sometime everyone understands it is no one but Sunaina’s husband Ravi. He says that he has been beaten up by meet.

Later meet ask her husband whether he does not believe her or not. Her husband tells that he believes her a lot but this is also true that she does all these things.

Meet ahalawat tells meet that sometimes it happens that people can control their and anger and it is same with her.

Meet upcoming episode update

She says that she used to think that they are growing close to each other because they are understanding each other slowly slowly.

Meet ahlawat says that it is right that he is understanding her and that is why he is asking her because he knows that she does this kind of things.

She feels very bad after learning this on the other hand Ravi speaks to manushi. He says that he can do anything to get back Sunaina in his life.

He asks that but what is the problem between Manushi and her sister. Manushi tells that she wants to be with her sister’s husband.

She says that when there will be more misunderstanding between meet and her husband it will become easy for her.

Meet ahlawat tells meet that she has been admitted to the college for studying and now should concentrate on her studies.

He says that if she does not want to study she can leave the college. Both of them gets angry at each other and both of them feels sad.

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