UDAARIYAAN UPDATE: Jasmine tortures Fateh and the family


Jasmine tells that she wants half of the property but Fateh tells that they will not give it to her because it is their ancestor’s symbol.

But she does not hear to all hs and denies listening to anything. Fateh tells that they will not give them anything.

Jasmine says that she can get less punishment for giving a false statement. But amrik will have to get a death sentence for murder.

She calls the police station. Gurpreet goes and throws the phone she request fateh to understand and to calm down.

Dadaji’s health deteriorates but she does not pay attention to all this.She tells Kushbeer to sign the property papers first.

In the upcoming track, jasmine will be seen celebrating her Mehendi ceremony. Fateh and the family feels tortured because of her.

Fateh will have enough of seeing Jasmine insulting his family and will get determined to stop her. On the other hand, angad will be planning something to save Fateh and Tejo.

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