Anupama Episode 489 1st February 2022 spoiler alert: Romantic!!! Anupama and Anuj goes for a date


Anupama Episode 489 1st February 2022 spoiler alert: In today’s episode Malvika gets ready with her bags packed.

Anuj gets shocked he rushes to her and asks where is she going. She says that they need not worry because they are going to Mumbai.

She says that she and vanraj both are going to Mumbai to see the place for the project that they are planning for.

Malvika leaves the house and Anuj gets upset. Anupama makes Anuj understand. She tries to make Anuj happy.

Anupama tries to console Anuj and tells him that today Malvika is not there and that’s why Anuj will be not able to concentrate on his work.

She tells that they must go out. She asks whether Anuj will be happy to go with her for an outing. Anuj asks where is she taking him for a date.

Anupama says that they are not going on any date they are just going to spend some time so that they feel good. And she says that whatever she says it will be a date.

On the other hand Malvika and vanraj end the meeting.Vanraj tells Malvika that it is a very good opportunity and they should take it.

Malvika says that she needs to meet Anuj and GK. Vanraj gets surprised to hear this. She says that she needs Anupama more than anyone else.

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