Udaariyaan upcoming story: Jasmine Makes New Plan

udaariyaan upcoming story

Udaariyaan’s upcoming story: The upcoming story of Udaariyaan will be interesting. In the latest track, it is seen that Fateh apologizes to Buzo’s father.

Simran’s father comes there and asks Fateh why is he apologizing for his mistake. He says that he will apologize to Buzo’s father for his own mistake.

He apologizes and says that he could not see and understand the thing that Fateh and Tejo understood. On the other hand, Jasmine speaks to the boy who did that accident the last time.

The boy asks her what can he do for her he says that he can do anything for her but she should not involve his family in this.

Jasmine says that there is no need to say always she asks what can he do for her. He says that he can do whatever she will tell him.

She says that she wants only one thing that is to destroy Tejo and her family. Because they have never given respect to her feelings.

In the upcoming episode, it will be seen that Angad blocks Tejo’s and ask her to come into his car. She asks that what is he going to do but he does not reply.

He brings Tejo inside the car. Tejo asks why is he behaving like this but it does not apply to her and drives her away from there.

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