Anupama 20th January 2022 New Twist

Anupama 20th January 2022 New Twist

Anupama 20th January 2022 New Twist: High Voltage drama is going on in Star Plus daily soap Anupama. In the upcoming episode vanraj asks Malvika whether she believes him.

Malvika tells that she believes him. Both of them whole each other and Anupama watches all these from the corridor. Later on she goes to vanraj.

She tells him that he is doing a wrong thing and you should not do this. She says that if he wants to console someone he should go back to the house and console his kids.

Vanraj tells that he will not listen to what anyone else is saying. He says that he have to take care of Malvika. He asks Anupama to leave.

In the latest episode It is seen vanraj tells samar that if he is not interested in the relationship then he must leave Nandini.

He says that he can go into another relationship and if he finds that he is not suitable in that also then he can leave that relationship also.

He says that until he finds a perfect relationship he can chase. Anupama tells him that this is the only thing she could never make him understand.

She tells that a relationship is never perfect but the person in the relationship have to make it perfect. Anupama says that her relationship is not like plastic that it will last long.

Anupama makes her son understand that whatever decision he will take he must take it intelligently. To get the latest spoilers and updates of the show stay tuned with us.

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